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Thank you for encouraging me to do the Emsella Chair therapy. As a 62 yr old woman who has been dealing with incontinence for almost 30 yrs. it interfered with so many normal daily activities. I would even wake up wet almost every morning-I hated it! I always had to worry about having an accident and worn protection 24/7-365 days a year for years. Because of the cost I hesitated but the opportunity to improve my quality of life outweighed the cost factor and I am ~so glad~ I trusted your advice and did it. I still can’t believe all I had to do was sit in that chair but it works! It is incredible! I am now 90-95% continent and wake up dry every morning. I couldn’t believe it the first morning it happened. It has significantly improved my daily quality of life. I am ecstatic with my results. Regaining my continence was worth every penny I paid and I would highly encourage any patients considering the treatments to GO FOR IT!!  I feel like I have rolled back the clock 30 yrs. Thank you!!!

-P.M age 62

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